The program begins with an interactive workshop that explains how and why your body stores fat as well as how we are going to stimulate the body to burn fat off at a very fast rate while keeping you healthy. We also talk about what the day in/day out of the program is like. This is the only "group" activity in the entire program. The workshop is typically 30-45 minutes, depending upon how many questions people have.

Following the workshop, each participant does a one-on-one consultation with a program specialist or the doctor. During the session, the entire health history of the client is reviewed so that we can design a program to stimulate the successfull loss of 3-7 pounds of fat per week while ensuring that the client stays healthy. If there are extensive health concerns, communication between the supervising weight loss physician and the client's regular doctor are set up at this time. The client will be given specific instructions on how to start and continue on the program. The client is also given a great deal of supportive material to help make the program as easy as possible to follow. Also in this initial appointment, biometric measurements are taken to determine a "starting point" for the client and provide an objective measure for weekly improvements thereafter.

For the first four days on the program, the client is contacted daily by the weight loss specialist they did their initial consult with. This phone call is to designed to answer questions, make sure the client is feeling good, check in on any special health concerns that were identified in the consultation and make sure the client is supported well in the these crucial first days of their journey back to health.

Weekly one-on-one meetings are then scheduled with the client to track their progress, make any appropriate adjustments and make sure the client is not only losing weight, but becoming more healthy and strong at the same time. These meetings last approximately 15 minutes.

The weekly meetings continue the entire time the client is on the program and one time after the client is finished with their weight loss so that we can check in and make sure that none of the weight is coming back.

There are four phases to the protocol:

Phase 1: This is the main weight loss phase and will be done for 90% of their weight loss goal. During phase 1, the client is eating a combination of food products recommended by the doctor (the products used to accomplish fast, safe weight loss) and regular food. The success of phase 1 is built around ensuring that lean muscle mass remains stable while fat is burned off quickly. No drugs or stimulants are used at any time.
The client is taught what foods to eat in what portions and which combinations. We start teaching the client how to change their habits right from day one!

Phase 2: This is done for the last 10% of the client's weight loss goal. During this phase, fewer products are consumed, replaced by more regular food.

Phase 3: During this phase, the client's diet is transitioned from an unbalanced diet to a balanced diet. It is important that this is done in a very specific pattern so that fat storage is not restarted in the client's body. Everyone does phase 3 for two weeks, regardless of how much weight they lost in phases 1 and 2.

Phase 4: Phase 4 is maintenance, done for the rest of their life. The client is eating regular food only and is off all of the products. Detailed training of what and how to eat is taught to the client throughout the program and the client has been practicing how to cook appropriately for themselves since day one. In other words, the client is not left to fend for themselves. They are taught what to do to keep the weight off. The client is not restricted in what foods they can eat, but they are taught how to eat them in the right combinations to aviod stimulating the body to store fat. One more check in meeting is done three weeks into phase four to make sure the client is on track.

VERY IMPORTANT!! During phase four, one CHEAT day per week is mandatory. A cheat day is one day per week when all of the guidelines are tossed out and the client eats whatever they want. This important for two reasons: One, the body needs to be able to recognize and deal with "cheats" appropriately. Second, the client needs to feel like they can really let loose on a consistant basis without consequences.
Program Description
My now husband and I were happily nesting while leading up to our June wedding - which resulted in a lot of extra weight! We knew we wanted to look healthier and slim for the big day but we didn't have much time to lose the extra pounds. Ideal Protein helped us both achieve our goal weights all within a couple of months. I felt amazing and I hardly recongnized my fiance! On our wedding day we both were able to shine. Some of our friends were so impressed they started the Ideal Protein diet too! - Julie M.

Ideal Protein ROCKS! I lost 25 lbs of FAT in eight weeks without being hungry. It burned the fat off the top of my muscle so that I was left with tone and firmness. I was given so much great information which helped me truly understand how to make informed food choices. I love my body again and am so grateful that I found Dr. Melissa and Dr. Ryan. - Donna B.

At the age of 54, I thought I'd never be able to lose the extra 30 lbs I had gained over the last few years. Now, after four months, I am just 2 lbs from my goal weight and my husband is full of compliments. - Bonnie H.

My husband and I are in our late 50's and we both lost 25 pounds in less than 6 weeks! I no longer need blood pressure medication and my husband is off of his triglyceride medication. I thought I was going to carry that weight the rest of my life, but it is gone. The best part is that after three months of being off the system, I am eating what I want and not gaining any of the weight back!
- Karen M.

My wife started this program & I lost 8 lbs. in one week just be eating the dinner with her. So I did it too & lost another 20lbs. in three weeks. More importantly, I have kept it off because the doctor taught me how to change my life to stay thin. - Ryan Denver, CO

I told Dr. Melissa Groelz: "I can't diet. I have serious blood sugar issues; I can't be hungry; I don't cook. Not a chance."

260.2 pounds on February 22, 2010, when she coaxed me into giving the IP diet a try. 179.2 November 16, 2010, the most recent time I was weighed. I'm spending a fortune on transition clothes—what fun! - Elsi D. Boulder, CO

What an awesome program. At the age of 53, I have struggled for the last 13 years to control my weight that is until I was introduced to Ideal Protein. I love the fact that this program is designed to reset your body’s chemistry to work the way it was intended. It also teaches you how and what to eat in order to maintain your weight loss. I started the first week of November (I know – brave to go on a weight loss program during the holidays) and ended around the middle of January. I lost 20 pounds and 21.25 inches. My friends couldn’t get over the change, and I am thrilled with my results. It’s now the middle of March, and I haven’t gained any back! I highly recommend this program for anyone who struggles to control their weight. - Karen W. Lafayette, CO

Shock and awe.  Utter amazement.  These words describe my experience with Ideal Protein.  For years I tried to get rid of some lingering fat (lovingly know as muffin top).  It wasn't going away.  My friends said,"oh, its just the age we are".  Ideal Protein targeted that fat and other fat.  It went away, now instead of size 6/8 dresses and size 4 pants, its size 0.  And thats only part of the wonder of the plan.  I have never felt better, not even when I was 20.  I am so grateful for the program and all the great coaching.  It was easy to follow and the food lessons will last a lifetime.    - Connie K.

Amazing Weight Loss

The body can burn energy from three sources; cardohydrates, protein and fat. The body will always burn carbohydrates first. When the body is out of carbohydrates, it will burn energy from protein and fat at the same time. While taking the high biological value proteins in the Ideal Protein weight loss method, lean muscle mass is held stable, forcing the body to burn fat. This allows the body to lose an average of 3-7 pounds per week and stay healthy. No drugs or stimulants are used, EVER! There is also an alternative protocol that allows Type I diabetics and adolescents to acheive similar results.

Most importantly, the Ideal Protein weight loss system stabilizes blood sugar
levels, allowing you to keep the weight off!

          Lose 3-7 pounds per week on average,

More than weight loss

The benefits of Ideal Protein go far beyond just weight loss. This program will:

-Stimulate rapid fat loss
-Decrease cellulite The detoxifying properties of this program actually shrinks cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite
-Improve skin tone As the body heals from within and hydrates normally, skin tone improves
-Decrease cravings for sugar and junk food The normalizing of blood sugar levels stops your cravings!
-Improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels
-Make you look and feel younger!

The weight loss method

This is a four phase protocol. How long you are on each phase depends upon
how much weight you need to lose.

Phase 1: During phase 1, three Ideal Protein products are consumed per day along with vegetables, lettuce and some regular protein like meat, chicken or fish.

Sample day on Phase 1:

-Breakfast: Chocolate Pancakes from Ideal Protein and a cup of coffee (coffee optional).
-Lunch: Chicken soup from Ideal Protein with vegetables and lettuce
-Dinner: Steak with vegetables and lettuce
-Snack: Ideal protein salt and vinegar ridges.

Phase 2: Phase 2 is for the last 10% of your weight loss goal. In this phase, lunch is like dinner was in phase 1.

Sample day on Phase 2:

-Breakfast: Egg, herb and cheese omlete from Ideal Protein with coffee (coffee is optional)
-Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with vegetables and lettuce
-Snack: Chocolate pudding from Ideal Protein
-Dinner: Pork stuffed with mushrooms and herbs, vegetables and lettuce

Phase 3: During phase 3, carbohydrates are introduced back into the diet in a slow and methodical manner in order to bring the individual back to a balanced diet without stimulating fat gain.

Sample day on Phase 3:

-Breakfast: Oatmeal, breakfast ham and coffee (optional)
-Lunch: Grilled salmon salad with vegetables and lettuce
-Dinner: Chicken stir frey with vegetables and lettuce
-Snack: Chocolate soy puffs from Ideal Protein

Phase 4: Phase four is the rest of your life. We teach you how to eat, in the proper combinations so that you can eat the things you want without gaining any of the weight back!

This program is individualized and uses only real food to help you lose weight fast, without feeling hungry!

No Drugs! No Stimulants! No Starving!

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